Gun Holster For Motorcycle

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Looking for a reliable and secure way to carry your gun while riding your motorcycle? Look no further, as we have compiled a roundup of the top gun holsters for motorcycles available in the market. These holsters offer easy access, durability, and convenience, making them the perfect choice for any motorcycle enthusiast.

The Top 15 Best Gun Holster For Motorcycle

  1. Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster for Glock 17 (4.5') — Comfortable Bedside Option — Unwind in comfort with RangeMaxx Shoulder Gun Holsters, featuring fully adjustable harness and tiedowns, protecting your Glock 17 with heavy padding, all crafted from 100% nylon in the USA.
  2. Mossberg MC2C Ambidextrous Kydex IWB Holster Desantis Gunhide Slim-Tuk — Experience ultimate freedom with the Slim-Tuk IWB Ambidextrous Holster for Mossberg MC2C, featuring Kydex construction, tuck-able 360 C-Clip, and adjustable tension for a secure fit.
  3. Convenient In-Cab Gun Holder for Vehicles — Protect your firearms with the Seizmik ICOS gun holder, featuring a tough foam chassis, nylon webbing for silent operation, and easy installation that utilizes your vehicle’s seat belt.
  4. Lightweight Ambidextrous Gun Holster for GLOCK Sport/Combat Pistols — The Glock Sport/Combat HO02639 is a top-rated, lightweight, and ambidextrous holster designed for off-duty or plain clothes use, securely concealing GLOCK pistols with a special trigger guard retention feature.
  5. Versatile ambidextrous gun holster for motorcycle concealment — Galco Wheelgunner 2.0 Holster — versatile, ambidextrous, and perfect for concealed carry on motorcycles, featuring a quick on-off design for seamless motorized rides.
  6. Premium Neoprene Molle Gun Holster for Concealed Carry — Experience ultimate comfort and durability with this premium leather Molle-mount gun holster, featuring flexible carry and universal fits for a wide range of compact pistols.
  7. Ambidextrous Colt Python 4" Holster for Concealment — Master the art of carry with the premium Galco Wheelgunner Belt Holster, offering ambidextrous design, a quick on-off component, and secure retention for your Colt Python revolver.
  8. Versatile RAM Gun Holster Holder for Outdoor Use — Upgrade your side arm security with the RAM-HOL-GUN1U Ram Gun Holster Holder, featuring a durable marine grade aluminum construction, easy adjustability, and compatibility with various mounting types for all-terrain versatility.
  9. RAM Gun Holster Handlebar Mount for Off-Road Adventures — RAM Hand Gun Holster Handlebar Mount: Safe, durable, and versatile, this mount allows you to securely carry your side arm on ATVs, motorcycles, and more.
  10. Gun Holster for Walther PPK/S — Right Hand, Black — Speed Scabbard Belt Holster by DeSantis Gunhide offers an efficient solution for plainclothes professionals with a focus on firearm retention and belt slot compatibility for motorcycle use.
  11. Durable RAM Gun Holder for Motorcycle — Secure and adjustable RAM Mounts Gun Holder provides reliable protection for your side arm, now available for motorcycle use.
  12. Rapid Force Level 2 Glock Holster with Flashlight Compatibility — Rapid Force Level 2 G17 w/Light Black: Secure, reliable, and durable duty holster for law enforcement and military, compatible with various lights and firearms.
  13. Condor Ambidextrous Holster: Tactical MOLLE-Compatible Option — Experience versatile and secure tactical carry with the Condor Ambidextrous Holster, featuring a modular design for left or right-hand use, compatibility with various pistols, and two included MOLLE straps.
  14. Locking Holster for Glock G19/23/32 Handguns — The Gun Flower G19 OWB Holster features a level II retention locking system, perfect fit for Glock models, and is built with durable nylon PA66 material, making it a top-rated choice among firearm enthusiasts.
  15. 1791 Gunleather K-Frame Revolver Belt Holster — Signature Brown Leather, Paddle Mount, Smith & Wesson, Ruger GP100 Compatible — Experience ultimate comfort and reliability with the 1791 Gunleather R2 PDHR2SBRR holster, handcrafted from high-quality American leather, designed to perfectly fit K-Frame revolvers and offering premium support for all-day carrying.

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🔗Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster for Glock 17 (4.5') — Comfortable Bedside Option


Imagine yourself on a hunt, carrying your trusty sidearm securely by your side. That’s where the Cabela’s Shoulder Holster comes in handy. Designed with comfort in mind, this holster makes sure your handgun is always within reach and easily accessible when you need it most.

One of the highlights of this holster is its fully adjustable harness and tiedowns, ensuring a perfect fit for any size or shape. The 100% nylon construction and heavy padding add another layer of protection for your gun, keeping it safe and sound.

However, as with any product, there are some areas that could use improvement. Some users have reported issues with the quality of the straps, and others have found the thumb break a bit cumbersome.

Despite these minor flaws, the Cabela’s Shoulder Holster still stands out for its convenience, comfort, and affordability. It’s a reliable choice for those looking for a simple yet effective way to carry their sidearm in the great outdoors.

🔗Mossberg MC2C Ambidextrous Kydex IWB Holster Desantis Gunhide Slim-Tuk


The Slim-Tuk IWB holster from Desantis Gunhide is a minimalistic option for pistol enthusiasts seeking ambidextrous carrying convenience. Crafted from Kydex sheet, the holster features a tuck-able 360 C-Clip, which allows the wearer to choose their preferred mounting position. The hardware is easily reversible for use with either hand, and the holster can be adjusted for tension to provide a secure fit. The nylon clip measures 1.75 inches, providing a solid attachment point for daily carrying.

While some appreciate the Slim-Tuk’s versatility, others have experienced issues with compatibility for their specific MC2C pistol. Overall, the holster showcases a balance between ambidextrous convenience and minimalist design, making it a good fit for certain handgun owners.

🔗Convenient In-Cab Gun Holder for Vehicles


As a hunting enthusiast, I’ve always been on the lookout for gear that makes the experience more enjoyable and efficient. That’s why I was thrilled to try the Seizmik ICOS gun holder. This clever contraption is designed to make sure your firearms stay securely in place-no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

The first thing that stands out is the construction. The makers have used a combination of glass-filled nylon buckles and closed-cell foam to create a sturdy and reliable product that doesn’t compromise on safety. The closed-cell foam is particularly impressive as it’s made to prevent any scratches or damage to your beloved guns.

But the most notable feature for me was the easy installation. No need for any tools-you just click it in using your vehicle’s existing seat belt, and you’re good to go!

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. I did experience a minor drawback with the nylon webbing. In certain seats, it made a bit of noise when I was retrieving or storing my guns. It might not be a deal-breaker, but it’s something to consider.

Another small issue I noticed was that not all seats seem to be designed for this gun holder. For some vehicles, like my Chevy Silverado, I needed to put some foam blocks underneath to raise it enough. It’s not ideal, but it gets the job done.

Despite these minor flaws, I’ve found the Seizmik ICOS gun holder to be an excellent addition to my hunting gear. It holds my guns securely and allows me to store them right there in my vehicle, making access a breeze. For fellow gun enthusiasts looking for a reliable and practical solution, this could be just the thing.

🔗Lightweight Ambidextrous Gun Holster for GLOCK Sport/Combat Pistols


As someone who’s always on the go, I appreciate the simplicity of the Glock Sport/Combat HO02639 holster. Its ambidextrous design is a huge plus, allowing me to switch it between both sides easily. But the most noteworthy feature is its lightweight nature, making it perfect for daily concealed carry.

The holster’s trigger guard retention device ensures that the pistol is securely held, giving me peace of mind during my commute or outdoor excursions. The plain finish is practical and unobtrusive, fitting seamlessly with a variety of outfits. The holster is designed for Glock pistols, so it’s tailored to my needs with a range of firearm fits.

However, one potential drawback could be the limited belt sizes, making it a bit more challenging to find the perfect fit for some users. Overall, the Glock Sport/Combat HO02639 offers a reliable, efficient solution for anyone who needs a versatile, lightweight holster for their Glock pistol.

🔗Versatile ambidextrous gun holster for motorcycle concealment


As I’m a fan of using my time on the go, I recently tried out the Galco WheelGunner 2.0 Holster. I’ve been using it for both casual concealment and sportsmans carry, and it’s been a smooth and enjoyable experience.

This holster’s ambidextrous design is a game-changer — it doesn’t matter whether you’re a left or right-hander. You can easily switch the holster around with a simple snap on your belt, making it perfect for everyday use.

One standout feature is its secure design. The reversible retention strap with a glove-friendly polymer tab makes sure your gun stays in place when you’re on the move, and it releases smoothly when you need it.

Made from high-quality premium steerhide, the WheelGunner 2.0 fits belts up to 1 3/4 inches and is available in both tan and black color options. Whether you’re on an ATV, motorcycle, or just enjoying a day outdoors, this holster is designed to keep your gun close while allowing for a fast and smooth draw when needed.

🔗Premium Neoprene Molle Gun Holster for Concealed Carry


I’ve been using this Molle Holster for Saddlebag Gun Carrier for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. The holster itself is crafted from premium materials, including a flexible neoprene interior and a sturdy 1000D nylon exterior. This combination not only makes the holster comfortable to wear for extended periods but also ensures it’s built to last.

The universal fit feature has been a lifesaver for me as it accommodates various compact pistols, including my Glock 26. The design allows for easy left or right-handed carry, simply by adjusting the position of the metal clips. The strong covered button and flexible fixed belt provide a secure hold on the gun, making it easy to quickly and silently remove when needed.

One of the standout aspects of this holster is its ability to work seamlessly with a 2-inch wide waistband. This attention to detail means it’s perfect for everyday concealed carry, even when I’m wearing different outfits. The holster is designed to stay hidden inside the belt, no matter what I’m wearing.

All in all, this Molle Holster for Saddlebag Gun Carrier has been a reliable and comfortable addition to my daily routine. The high-quality materials, universal fit, and smooth functionality make it a top-tier option for anyone looking to carry their compact pistol with ease.

🔗Ambidextrous Colt Python 4" Holster for Concealment


Imagine being out and about, needing a quick and reliable way to keep your Colt Python 4" tan concealed. That’s where Galco’s Wheelgunner Belt Holster comes in handy. This ambidextrous leather holster offers excellent versatility — it can easily be converted for right or left hand use, allowing you to switch up your carry style without any hassle.

The Wheelgunner Belt Holster’s quick on-off capability is another standout feature. No more fumbling around with awkward fittings; with this holster, your Colt Python is secure yet easy to access when you need it. Its premium steerhide construction, combined with the ability to fit belts up to 1 ¾", makes it a top choice for those who want a holster that’s both comfortable and durable.

However, one may consider the limited application of this holster as a downside, as it’s primarily designed for seated riding in motorized vehicles. It may not be the best option for everyday use, especially when it comes to casual concealment or outdoor activities.

Overall, the Galco Wheelgunner Belt Holster is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable and easy-to-use holster for their Colt Python. Its ambidextrous design, quick on-off capability, and premium steerhide construction make it a standout option in its category.

🔗Versatile RAM Gun Holster Holder for Outdoor Use


As an avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast, I recently discovered the RAM-HOL-GUN1U Ram Gun Holster Holder, and let me tell you, it’s made a significant difference in my hunting experience. This handy device ensures my sidearm is always within reach, whether I’m trekking through the forest or navigating rocky terrain.

What truly sets this holster apart is its seamless integration with RAM’s renowned electronics mounts. Its marine-grade aluminum construction coupled with a powder-coated finish has proved to be both durable and versatile, keeping my sidearm secure in even the most challenging conditions.

However, I must admit that using this holster does require the addition of an adapter for the back of the cradle, which can be an extra step to take into account. Nonetheless, this small inconvenience is overshadowed by the benefits of having a reliable and efficient mounting system for my sidearm.

Overall, the RAM-HOL-GUN1U Ram Gun Holster Holder is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their hunting or outdoor pursuits. Its ease of use, durability, and adjustability make it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

🔗RAM Gun Holster Handlebar Mount for Off-Road Adventures


Recently, I had a chance to test out this RAM Hand Gun Holster Handlebar Mount. I’m a busy outdoorsman who needs to ensure my sidearm is always within reach. The sturdy and reliable construction is a definite plus, ensuring I can confidently mount it on my motorcycle.

However, one minor drawback is the adjustment process wasn’t as smooth as I would have hoped. But overall, I can’t deny the convenience it brings to the table. It’s safe, secure, and adapts to different handlebars, making it a worthwhile investment for riders.

🔗Gun Holster for Walther PPK/S — Right Hand, Black


As an avid gun enthusiast, I’ve been using the Desantis Gunhide Speed Scabbard Belt Holster for my Walther PPK/S. The holster is designed with a sleek black finish and a simple yet sturdy build, making it the perfect companion for my daily carry. The right-hand holster sits securely on my belt, ensuring my firearm is always within reach.

One aspect I particularly appreciate is the scabbard design. It provides a quick and easy draw without the need for a thumb break, which I find very convenient. The holster’s tension device keeps my firearm securely in place while still allowing for smooth movement when needed. However, I did notice that the belt slots are a bit narrower than some other holsters I’ve used, which might be challenging for those with larger belt sizes.

Overall, the Desantis Gunhide Speed Scabbard Belt Holster has been a reliable and functional addition to my collection, despite the minor drawback. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a no-fuss, high-quality gun holster.

🔗Durable RAM Gun Holder for Motorcycle


As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always been on the lookout for reliable and secure ways to keep my firearm at the ready while exploring the great outdoors. That’s where RAM Mounts comes in with their RAM-HOL-GUN1U Gun Holder and Cradle. Made with marine-grade aluminum and boasting a sleek black powder-coat finish, this sturdy accessory is built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

One of the standout features of this gun cradle is its compatibility with RAM-compatible mounts, making it an excellent choice for those already using RAM products. The cradle even comes with a set of four nuts and bolts to connect it to any RAM mounts with the universal AMPs hole pattern. However, it’s worth mentioning that the contents of the package are not included, so be sure to have the necessary hardware on hand before attempting installation. Overall, the RAM-HOL-GUN1U Gun Holder and Cradle is a reliable and versatile option for anyone looking to securely mount their sidearm while enjoying the great outdoors.

🔗Rapid Force Level 2 Glock Holster with Flashlight Compatibility


The Rapid Force Duty Holster is a reliable companion for your daily protection duties. With a sleek matte finish, it seamlessly integrates with your Glock handgun, providing a snug fit for Glock-17, Glock-31, Glock-47, Glock-22 models (gen1–5). This holster shines in the field, offering you the convenience of a fast draw and secure retention level.

Its compatibility with a variety of popular flashlights, including Streamlight TLR-1 and Modlite, comes in handy for those late-night shifts. However, I did notice that it required a bit of tweaking to ensure a proper grip on my weapon, and the retention felt a tiny bit tight at first. Overall, it was an impressive piece of equipment that I’ve come to rely on as part of my duty gear.

🔗Condor Ambidextrous Holster: Tactical MOLLE-Compatible Option


I recently had the opportunity to test out the Condor Ambidextrous Holster, and I have to say, it really impressed me. The mounting system is incredibly versatile; I can attach it directly to any standard MOLLE platform, making it highly adaptable to my daily needs. The holster itself is designed for both left and right-handed users, which is a huge bonus for someone like me who can’t always remember which way I’m holding my weapon!

One of the coolest features of this holster is the retention system. It comes with a secondary elastic cord that securely holds your weapon in place. This is especially important when you’re in a high-stress situation that requires quick access to your sidearm. And speaking of quick access, the included single pistol mag pouch makes it easy to grab an extra round when needed.

Now, let’s talk about the materials. The Condor Ambidextrous Holster is made of nylon, which is both durable and lightweight. This makes it a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts like me who need a product that can withstand the elements.

While there are always pros and cons to every product, I found that the nylon holster held up well. It was easy to adjust with the two removable MOLLE straps and had a nice secure fit. However, I did notice that the elastic bungee cord secondary retention system could be a bit tight, but that’s a minor issue considering the overall quality of the product.

Another thing to note is that the Condor Ambidextrous Holster is not compatible with light/laser rail accessories. This could be a downside for some users, but I found that it didn’t affect my overall experience with the product.

In conclusion, the Condor Ambidextrous Holster has been a game-changer for me. Its versatility and durability have made it a must-have addition to my daily carry. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a reliable, tactical holster.

🔗Locking Holster for Glock G19/23/32 Handguns


As a gun owner who frequently carries my Glock 19, I’ve searched high and low for a reliable and comfortable holster. That’s why the Gun Flower OWB Holster caught my eye. The Level II Retention Locking System truly sets it apart from the other options I’ve tried.

Right out of the box, I was impressed by the sturdiness of the holster. The nylon PA66 material offers both durability and impact resistance, which is crucial for a product you’ll be trusting to protect your valuable firearm. Yet, despite the hardy nature of the material, it still manages to feel quite lightweight and comfortable on my belt.

Additionally, the precision mold and design of the holster guarantee a perfect fit with my particular firearm. No slipping or sliding around, just a secure and reliable hold. This is especially important for me as I’m not just looking for a simple holster to tote around my gun, but one that can be trusted in a high-pressure situation.

One downside I found is that on occasion, the holster can be a bit loud. The retention lock releases with an audible “click”, which while a handy feature in reminding me my gun is secure, can sometimes be a bit noisy. However, this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind offered by this holster’s sturdy construction and reliable retention system.

Overall, the Gun Flower G19 OWB Holster has exceeded my expectations. Its durability, comfortable design, and secure fit make it the perfect companion for my Glock 19. Despite the occasional noise from the retention lock, I can confidently say this is a top-notch holster for any gun enthusiast.

🔗1791 Gunleather K-Frame Revolver Belt Holster — Signature Brown Leather, Paddle Mount, Smith & Wesson, Ruger GP100 Compatible


Recently, I’ve had the chance to get my hands on the 1791 Gunleather RVH2 K-Frame Revolver Belt Holster. This sleek holster is crafted with premium American leather, giving it a sturdy and stylish feel. The mount type, which is a paddle, ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making it the perfect companion for all-day carrying. One of my favorite highlights is the specific support for K-Frame sized revolvers with barrels up to 6 inches — it’s a custom fit that truly makes a difference in my experience.

However, it’s essential to mention that this holster is designed for outdoor carry, which might not be the best option for motorcycle riders. While it’s stylish and functional for daily use, the lack of suitable options for a biker lifestyle can be a downside for some. Nevertheless, for those who appreciate quality leather and a secure fit, the 1791 Gunleather RVH2 K-Frame Revolver Belt Holster is definitely worth a try.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the best gun holster for your motorcycle, there are several important factors to consider. This buyer’s guide will outline the key features and considerations for selecting the perfect holster to ensure your gun stays secure while you’re on the road. Remember, the safety and functionality of your holster are essential, so take the time to make an informed decision that suits your needs.



One of the most important aspects of a gun holster is its material. A durable and long-lasting holster should be made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear from regular use. Some popular materials for gun holsters include leather, nylon, and Kydex. Leather is a traditional choice and offers great durability, while nylon is lightweight and budget-friendly. Kydex, on the other hand, is a rigid thermoplastic material that provides excellent retention and protection but may not be as comfortable as leather.


The retention of your gun holster is crucial for keeping your firearm secure while riding. Look for holsters that use tension screws or adjustable retention devices that allow you to customize the level of retention to suit your comfort and safety needs. Some holsters also incorporate locking systems or straps that secure the gun in place and provide additional peace of mind.



When you’re riding a motorcycle, there’s always a chance of encountering unexpected weather conditions. To ensure your gun holster remains functional in any weather, look for those that are waterproof or water-resistant. A well-designed holster should prevent water from entering and damaging the interior, keeping your firearm dry and ready for action.


Before making a purchase, ensure the holster you choose is compatible with the type and size of your gun. Holsters typically come in various styles, such as paddle or belt-mounted, and specific models that are tailored to your gun’s make and model. When shopping, be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with a reputable dealer to confirm compatibility before making your purchase.



What is a gun holster for motorcycle?

A gun holster for motorcycle is a specially designed holder that securely carries and protects your firearm while riding a motorcycle. It typically attaches to the bike with straps or a mounting system, and allows easy access to your weapon while on the road. These holsters come in various sizes and styles, giving riders the option to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Gun holsters for motorcycles are essential for those who wish to ride with peace of mind and a sense of protection, knowing that their firearm is readily available should they need it. They also contribute to the safety of the rider and others on the road, by keeping the gun securely in place and reducing the risk of accidental discharge or theft.


What are the benefits of using a gun holster for motorcycle?

There are several benefits that come with using a gun holster for motorcycle. These include improved safety, enhanced convenience, and peace of mind. The holster secures your firearm in a convenient location on the bike, making it easy to access when needed. This is especially important in case of emergencies, as it allows you to quickly retrieve and use your weapon if necessary.

Using a gun holster for motorcycle also provides a level of security, as it prevents accidental discharge and unauthorized access to your firearm. The holster keeps your gun safely secured, reducing the risk of theft or loss while you’re on the road. Furthermore, with the proper installation, a motorcycle gun holster can prevent your weapon from falling off your bike or becoming dislodged during an accident.

What materials are gun holsters for motorcycles made of?

Gun holsters for motorcycles are available in various materials, such as leather, nylon, and Kydex. Each has its own advantages and offers a unique combination of durability, style, and affordability. Leather holsters, for example, are known for their classic look and the character they develop over time, whereas nylon and Kydex holsters provide superior durability and weather resistance.

For riders seeking a combination of traditional styling and modern materials, there are also holsters available that feature a leather exterior with a lined interior made of synthetic materials, like nylon or Kydex. These holsters offer improved durability and resistance to wear, as well as enhanced protection for your firearm.


Are there specific safety standards for motorcycle gun holsters?

Yes, there are specific safety standards for motorcycle gun holsters that manufacturers must adhere to in order to ensure the product’s safety and effectiveness. Many of these standards are set by organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA), the American Gun Culture Foundation (AGC), and the Snap On Holster Safety Council (SoHSC).

These organizations work to develop and enforce regulations that address key aspects of motorcycle gun holsters, such as construction, materials, and performance. By adhering to these safety standards, manufacturers can demonstrate the reliability and effectiveness of their products, providing riders with peace of mind and increased protection while on the road.

What are some common features to look for in a motorcycle gun holster?

There are several key features to consider when selecting a motorcycle gun holster to ensure its effectiveness and convenience. These include the holster’s design, retention system, and accessibility. Some common features to look for include a solid locking mechanism, a quick-release system for easy access to your gun, and padding to protect your firearm.

Additionally, the holster should be made of high-quality, durable materials that withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use. It should also be adjustable, allowing you to customize its fit for optimal comfort and secure retention of your firearm. Furthermore, consider the holster’s compatibility with your motorcycle’s specific model and design when making your selection.

How do I install a gun holster for motorcycle?

Installing a gun holster for motorcycle typically involves mounting the holster on the bike’s frame, handlebar, or saddlebag, depending on the specific design and the type of holster you choose. Most manufacturers provide mounting hardware and instructions with their holsters to help you through the process.

Start by determining the best location for your holster, taking into account factors such as accessibility, safety, and ease of installation. Once you’ve selected the perfect spot, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper alignment and tightness of the bolts or straps securing the holster. It’s essential to ensure that the holster is installed securely and will not come loose during riding.

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